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All policies are in Portable Document Format (pdf).  In order to read policies, you must have Adobe Reader or another program that can read .pdf documents on your computer. 

Annual Policy Notification

 Vermont and Federal laws require that students, parents, and school district employees be notified annually of specific district policies.  Complete copies of these as well as all school district policies which  include General Information, Definitions, Reporting, etc. are available in the school office.


All common NCSU policies are available at http://www.ncsuvt.org/home/policies .  Consult this site for revisions and new policies.

C.9 Notice of Non-Discrimination

D.6 Substitute Teachers & Paraeducators

D.8 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

D.12 Harassment of Employees

E.7 School Crisis Prevention & Response

E.26 Tobacco Prohibition

F.1 Student Conduct and Discipline

F.3 Restrictive Behavioral Intervention

F.4 Search and Seizure

F.6 Student Records – Family Privacy

F.9 Alcohol and Drugs

F.10 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

F.11 Attendance, Absence and Truancy Prevention

F.20 Pupil Privacy Rights: Student Surveys

F.23 Hazing, Harassment and Bullying of Students

F.26 Weapons

G.11 Responsible Computer, Network and Internet Use